Slide USA made in FDA Registered Facility Only .35 Cents per Ounce
80% Alcohol with Hydrogen Peroxide
Bulk size to Refill all of your Travel and Pump Bottles Meets and Exceeds FDA and CDC Recommendations.



Products are manufactured in a FDA registered, cGMP, & ISO 9001 facility


USA made in a FDA registered facility


Crown Hand Sanitizer is effective at killing 99.9% of illness causing germs and bacteria

Why Buy in Bulk Size


When you purchase by the gallon your price per ounce is only .35 cents. If you do the math on most travel size bottles right now with the current shortages and high demand the price is often 1.00-4.00 per ounce! We can sell you a single gallon that should last your family or business significantly longer than most retail ready packaging. You then have the option to refill your travel size, car size, or purse size bottles. We also have tutorials on how to make your own sanitizing wipes, which are in scarce supply, with our hand and surface sanitizer. With the bulk size at your disposal and the increased usage needed during these trying times you never have to worry about rationing your supply.

Sanitizing Wipes How To

1. Roll of paper towels or stack of Bifold Towels
2. Cut towels to fit in any Tupperware container
3. Pour Crown Hand and Surface Sanitizer over paper towels until thoroughly damp and shake.
4. If using roll towels pull out cardboard tube.
5. Open container and pull out bifold or paper-towel and use as needed
These can be used to sanitize any hard surface: counter tops, phone, door knobs and etc!

Refill your own travel size bottles etc:

1. Make sure you thoroughly wash out and dry the bottle you will be filling.
2. Use small funnel (recommended) if you do not have access to a funnel put the bottle you plan on filling in a sink in case of spillage.
3. Carefully pour Crown Hand and Surface Sanitizer into bottle



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